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Polk County GA Commnets
January 26th, 2013 8:39 AM

Who has attempted to construct, record a deed or even build a pole barn in Polk County lately. Being a senior VP of a major nation bank my territories are Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, some of north Florida and Texas. I recently went to obtain a building permit for a home to be built on one of my tracks of land. I cut out a 2 acre tract and provided a perpetual easement to the site, for those not familiar with that type of easement it runs with site to the end of all time. I went to get a building permit and was told that the zoning would not allow a perpetual easement that the property has to be deeded acreage. Or in other words the acreage in the easement had to be deeded over along with the 2 acre site. Well this would result in a split of my land. To say I was ill will be an understatement. To solve that problem I did not deed over anything I just got a building permit to build a cabin on my property. Again since I just remodeled my home to allow for my mother an apartment they said they could not issue one as no more than two building permits could be issued to a single person for construction in a two year period. I did get a permit before they arrived at that conclusion. The apartment I added on was part of my home so it was not a new build I just took in my garage area and added on another garage. (Not New Construction). I say all this to make a point, the zoning codes in Polk County have been an exact copy of those of Paulding County. I don't think I have to say that Polk County and Paulding County are two totally different economic areas. The problem I see is the Polk County Commissioners have never even read the zoning codes set forth in the rules & regulations they have passed. The county manager has no knowledge of what these rules even cover. Polk County is land locked by my estimation at a percentage of the total land at a rate of

75%. In addition to build a pole barn that exceeds 120, sq/ft requires a building permit. The reason mentioned for the easement issue is that there have been issues between land owners and easement holders in the past. This is an issue for those to parties to work out and not for the county government to regulate. Have you tried to record a plat lately? You can't unless you carry it over to the county manager for approval. My understanding of the clerk of courts is you may record anything in the county records that you may choose to. Now you are required get the county manager to pee on it before you can record it which is a violation of GA law. The northern GA counties have no zoning in their unincorporated areas. Their economies are stronger and property values have not suffered like ours. There is development and investment ongoing in those areas. I am of the opinion that property rights belong to the taxpaying property owners as long as no EPD regulations are violated which is another matter. Our forefathers' came to these lands due to the over taxing and regulations of the English government, unfortunately we find ourselves in a worst position than we were then. Polk counties economy has not grown because it has no theme. Rome has medicine, Cartersville Distribution Calhoun and Dalton have textile. We have zoning rules and regulations the prohibit growth and spec buildings no one wants. There must be over 400 empty similar buildings up and down I-75. I will leave it that for now. Please visit my blog and make a post of your thoughts.

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Posted by Greg Shelley Phd on January 26th, 2013 8:39 AMPost a Comment

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