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October 22nd, 2013 2:36 PM

Zoning in North GA

Comments from a Union County GA Commissioner

Q. Why don’t we have zoning in Union County?
A. Occasionally someone will ask me why we do not have zoning, and I try to remind them that while some feel zoning is protection for everyone, in many cases it has simply turned into a way for government to grab more power and control over your property. Personally, I think that government and government regulations should remain as small and simple as possible and certainly should not try to control every move you make, while at the same time provide a reasonable amount of protection for the public.

The large bureaucracy created by zoning is one of the most contentious issues facing counties and commissioners statewide and probably the vast majority of their time, prior to the recession, was spent dealing with variance request and paying zoning attorneys to defend county actions. During the past ten years in Union County there have been less than a dozen new issues pertaining to land use that have created a problem. Thus placing another layer of bureaucracy for zoning for the entire county I do not feel is justified at this time.

Q. Do you see a time in the future that zoning in Union County may be required?
A. It is always possible that at some point in the future, with more growth, zoning or zoning light (a type of land use planning) may be necessary. Also, if we see an increase in people not “caring” or respecting others property rights, then different considerations may be necessary sooner.

How Land use opposed to restrictive zoning effects land values.

Union County GA Land Sales

Gross Sales





The average price per acre of qualified sales is currently at $14,296.85 per acre in Union County GA.

Polk County GA Land Sales same time period:

Gross Sales


Price per acre




I can do this all day with any county in the north GA that has land use over zoning.

There are certain restrictions but the land is taxed according the value in use not based on some zoning applied bureaucrats that have no clue of what they’re doing and have and really no idea of what affect it will have on the land owners.

Just a thought!

I will have more data later I have just been busy.

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